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Did your horse snag her mane or step on his tail?

Don't get mad, send me the hair and I can make you a beautiful memento. I use the extra money to buy hay.

I taught myself to braid using my mare's hair, pretty soon everyone at the ranch was giving me hair, I make things for friends, and friends of friends. Any money I make is "reinvested" as hay money, my "I'm keeping my Pony" fund.

Wish you had a horse? I can make you something from the hair I have on hand. Or I can supplement your horses' hair to make a pattern in your item. All hair is naturally gathered from my or my friends' horses.

I can make you anything you want. I make quality items at an affordable cost.

If you're looking for more of an heirloom piece, please visit: to see stunningly beautiful hitched pieces of wearable art by Margaret Ann Pense.